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Garlic Mustard Removal

Garlic mustard

Why is FoSP removing this plant? Garlic mustard emits a chemical into the soil and environment, that makes it hard for other plants to survive. This propagation strategy is very effective, as it can quickly blanket the ground in forests and other areas, wiping out native plants. Even if second year, flowering garlic mustard is pulled from the ground, it can still produce seed, and drop said seed where the plant was placed. So it is best to bag and remove any garlic mustard that has been pulled. Bonus: if you have an interest in foraging wild plants, the leaves of garlic mustard are edible (though it does have a strong flavor). It is commonly used as an alternative or companion to basil in pesto, and in other dishes. Just be sure that if you are choosing to save the garlic mustard to consume, that you are doing so in an area that has not been sprayed. If you are not sure, best not to risk it.

Management techniques: Remove upright, second year plants before going to seed. Bag and remove plants.

Garlic Mustard Removal
Pull & bag 2nd year garlic mustard from the woods

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