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Sam's Club to Boys and Girls Club

Thursday, May 30 2024

Where: Sam's Club 3200 Ken Bale Blvd, Bowling Green, KY 42103
When: Arrive at Sam's by 8:00 am
Contact: (615) 804-4078

Drive around to the back of Sam's, to the receiving area. You will see one regular door and a large bay door for receiving. I will be at the these events (or have a volunteer lead there). I will have the pallet sent out and we will work on weighing and dividing produce together. We will all unpack, weigh, and load produce into vehicles. Deliveries will be made directly from Sam's.

Where: Boys and Girls Club 260 Scott Way, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Contact: (270) 843-6466
When: Immediately after gleaning - Pull up under the overhang on the side of the building. Unload produce onto the sidewalk area in front of the glass doors. They will bring the produce in when ready.
After Gleaning: Please log your gleaning information on Track it Forward. If there was no donation, please write "0" under total pounds donated

8:00am - 9:00am
Retail Gleaning
Sam's to Boys and Girls Club
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Contact the event organizers: Jerilyn Bristow