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Whole Foods To Lexington Market East End

Thursday, May 09 2024

Pick Up
Where: Whole Foods (At The Summit - 4059 Finn Way)
When: Arrive at Whole Foods at 9:30am
Contact: 859-971-8600

-Please call Whole Foods, ask for the produce department and confirm that there is a donation to be picked up.
-If there is no donation, please call Mary at 859-299-2248 and let her know.
-The Whole Foods Receiving Door is located at the top of the ramp on the far left hand side of the building.
-Please return any carts to the top of the ramp.

-If there's more produce than you can fit into your vehicle, call our office at 859-444-4769.

Drop Off
Where: Lexington Market East End - Mary G. (141 Spurr Alley)
When: Immediately after gleaning Whole Foods
Contact: Mary - 859-299-2248

-Please pull into the back of Mary's home-- located at 141 Spurr Alley. The street number, 141, is located above her garage door. She will meet you outside to help unload!
-Please record your gleaning information in Track it Forward. If there was no donation, please write "0" under total pounds donated.

9:30am - 10:30am
Glean Whole Foods
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Contact the event organizers: James Earley