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Whole Foods to Embrace Church

Monday, May 20 2024

Where: Whole Foods at The Summit (4059 Finn Way, Lexington, KY)
When: Arrive at Whole Foods at 9:30 AM
Contact: 859-971-8600, ask to speak to someone in the produce department

-Please call Whole Foods ahead of departure to store. Ask to speak to the produce department to confirm that there is a donation available for Glean Kentucky to pick up. If there is no donation, please call or text Rachel at 615-969-0694.
-The Whole Foods Receiving Door is located at the top of the ramp on the far left hand side of the building (closest to the wall the faces Nicholasville Road/Amazon Flex parking). Walk through receiving door and let the folks at the desk know you're there to pick up for Glean Kentucky.
-Load up your vehicle and weigh the produce. Please return any carts.
-If there's more produce than you can fit into your vehicle, call our office at 859-444-4769!

Where: Embrace Church - 1015 N Limestone St
When: Immediately after gleaning Whole Foods
Contact: Rachel at 615-969-0694.

-Please contact Rachel at 615-969-0694 to let her know you're on the way. The entrance to Embrace is located on North Broadway Park, just off of Limestone. Ring the doorbell labeled "Embrace Church" and Rachel will help you load produce in.

After Gleaning:
Please record your gleaning information in Track it Forward. If there was no donation, please write "0" under total pounds donated.

9:30am - 10:30am
Whole Foods to Embrace Church
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Contact the event organizers: Madison McRill