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Music Review Day (Weekly)

Monday, September 25 2023

Every Monday from 10am to 2pm and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm, KRDP volunteers are invited to come down to the station and assist with the following music tasks:

1. Review new music from local and touring bands/artists for airplay on KRDP Jazz and KRDP Indie;
2. Review and catalog music already in our library that has not been properly cataloged;
3. Assist the KRDP GM and PD with "tracking" duties or communicating with labels and promoters what KRDP Jazz and KRDP Indie has added to rotation and how much airplay it has received;
4. Compiling and sending in airplay reports for KRDP Jazz and KRDP Indie to the NACC Charts (https://naccchart.com); and
5. Setting up and producing interviews/in-studio performances with local and touring bands/artists that are scheduled to perform in the Phoenix area.

Volunteers who are interested in helping out during our weekly music review day, must sign up here at Track It Forward.

Any questions can be directed towards KRDP General Manager, Kaja Brown at (480) 410-2893 or email - kaja@listen2krdp.com

10:00am - 12:00pm
1 / 5
12:00pm - 2:00pm
0 / 5

Contact the event organizers: Kaja Brown