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VAB Front Desk @ 4:45pm to 9pm

Wednesday, May 06 2020

One of the most important--if not THE most important--volunteer opportunity is to cover the VAB (Visual Arts Building) front desk in the building next door to the Radio Phoenix building. Please be awesome and step up to the task! :D

The VAB desk will not have a computer or phone. It will just be a desk, chair, and radio (walkie). Volunteers are welcome to bring laptops, books, food, etc.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

1. Arrive a few minutes before 5PM to pick-up a walkie-talkie from the PCA front desk and sign in on the VAB clipboard. Then mosey on over to the VAB desk in the other building.

2. Know who your Patron Services Staffer is: Silvia, Miros, Ruben or Gabi. This person will be your point of contact during your shift.

3. Greeting Art Students!!! "Welcome. Enjoy your Art Class!” “Hi. How are you?” General, friendly greetings to all students & instructors.

4. FAQ - Answering general questions and directing more detailed needs or questions to the PCA Front Desk staffer in the Radio Phoenix building.

5. Safety - Informing the Center staffer via walkie-talkie of any suspicious activity or individuals, as well as legitimate emergencies.

6. Facilities - Informing the Center staffer of any student or instructor complaints (toilet clogged, AC not working, etc.)

7. Monitoring - The public may use the vending machines in the VAB, but NOT the restrooms. They will remain locked and not for public use. Instructors have a restroom key. Res Orgs should make sure that public using the vending machines actually exit the front doors and do not wander anywhere in the VAB.
If you need to cancel, please email Kaja at kaja@radiophoenix.org so we can find a replacement. Also, please arrive a few minutes before 5PM.


5:00pm - 9:00pm
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Contact the event organizers: Kaja Brown