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Water/Snack Donations for the Fall Play

Thursday, November 04 2021

Our actors and crew members have been working so hard in preparation for this week's performances and they've gone through their waters/snacks and need more.
Please donate waters and individually wrapped snacks/fruit/cookies/chips. Feel free to drop them off beginning Thursday 11/4/2021 but no later than Saturday, 11/6/2021. You can drop them off at the school office or with Ms. Cales between the hours of 10am-5pm--be sure to label them Fall Play and write your name as well so you can get credit. Thank you from Ms. Cales and the cast/crew--all your donations are much appreciated.
IF any questions, please contact Irma Martel-Campos 323-496-1955 (texts preferred).

10:00am - 5:00pm
water donations
2 cases of waters (36 or more)
0 / 2
snack donations
2 large boxes/bags of individually wrapped snacks
1 / 3

Contact the event organizer, Alverno Heights Academy Parents' Association