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RYPAC Meeting

Thursday, December 03 2020

Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee (RYPAC) is a longstanding youth leadership board focused on community service and giving back here in Redmond. RYPAC members engage in monthly volunteer opportunities, large scale community events, and are called upon regularly by Redmond's City Council and LWSD Superintendent to share their input.

The first step to joining RYPAC is to attend a meeting! Sign-up here to receive a link to an upcoming Thursday meeting. During COVID-19 we'll be meeting virtually. Meetings are an hour long, and half of the meeting is spent in breakout groups planning with other students.

After you sign-up, an hour before the meeting we will send out the link to join! We meet on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.
RYPAC is open to youth ages 13 to 18 who reside or attend school in Redmond.

RYPAC Mission Statement
RYPAC's purpose, under the direction of the City of Redmond, is to be a voice for young people and to promote a community where youth are valued and involved by providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership abilities and interest in volunteerism through participation in the creation and delivery of projects within the community.

In the 1990s, the City of Redmond conducted a series of focus groups and surveys to learn about the community's thoughts on youth programs and services. The surveys indicated that Redmond teenagers felt undervalued and unchallenged. In response to the survey results, in 1996, the Redmond Youth Partnership (RYP), a task force comprised of youth and adult community members was established. RYP began to address these concerns with the mission of being a voice for young people and to promoting a community where youth are valued and involved. In 2003 the City of Redmond had the opportunity to take RYP under the Parks and Recreation Department, forming the new Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee while maintaining a similar mission of youth voice and empowerment.

5:00pm - 6:30pm

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