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Gold Venture Folding: A Community Art Project

Saturday, November 07 2020

Interested in learning about a contemporary art style, contributing to a mural, or just turning all your scrap paper into a beautiful art piece? Join our Golden Venture Folding series!! Whether you sign up for the first event or any of the others, you will have the chance to earn volunteer hours and take part in our mural project!

You only need to bring a few materials for this:
• Recycled/scrap paper such as printer paper, newspaper, magazines, brown bag material, etc. (no thicker than printer paper!)
• scissors
• ruler (optional, but highly recommended)

PREP For the class:
• cut scrap paper into 4x6 cm rectangles
• try to have at least 50 -150 of these done ahead of time

To attend, you will need to create a Zoom account.

We are offering 3 service hours for those who drop off a completed tile for our mural project.

Drop off will be at Redmond City Hall on the Monday following our class at 5pm-5:15pm

We can't wait to see you there!"

Sign up for the rest of the Gold Venture Folding Series!!
Saturday, November 14th at 5pm: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/491375/event/564904
Saturday, November 21st at 5pm: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/491375/event/564905

5:00pm - 6:00pm