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New Canaan Chamber Music - Post Concert Posters

Saturday, January 21 2023

New Canaan Chamber Music (NCCM) is looking for four (4) volunteers, preferably in 2 teams of 2, to put up approximately 20-30 posters in store windows around New Canaan to promote their concerts on January 25th and 26th. Please message the SLOBs Liaisons to coordinate picking up the flyers and where you will post the flyers.

** IMPORTANT: Your start time is flexible – during daylight hours on either Friday 01/20, Saturday 01/21 or Sun 01/22 (though please note some stores are closed on Sunday) is strongly recommended! You might want to team up with a parent if you do not have a car because some locations may require driving. **

Please remember to wear your SLOBs t-shirt. Please take a photo of yourself putting up the posters and email to Juliana.r.wheeler@gmail.com. Thanks!

Questions? Please contact Juliana & Mason Wheeler (203) 295-9926.

10:30am - 11:30am
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Contact the event organizers: Wheeler Juliana