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Stepping Up for Waveny Cares

Sunday, May 24 2020

To help the residents of Waveny Care Center feel connected to the outside community, you can either create a Word document or short video clip. Word docs are compiled daily by staff and distributed to residents like “mini magazines.”

Docs should be one page and simply contain a message, poem, artwork or quote, along with a relevant image. (A personal photo is more meaningful than a picture from the web.) Please include your name with “SLOBs” underneath. Video clips could be of yourself telling a joke, your sibling performing gymnastics or your dog doing a trick, for example. Be creative! To help you with ideas, we’ve included a couple of examples.

This opportunity is posted each Sunday but Word docs and videos are accepted every day of the week. Email your submissions to slobsnewcanaan@gmail.com and feel free to submit as many as you’d like. Half hour credit for each document and video.

Questions: contact susanwelch@mac.com


Contact the event organizer, Susan Welch