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Trash Pick-Up with Litterati

Litterati is a great way to not only help keep our community clean, but help with litter data as well!

To submit hours please submit a description of your time and a screenshot of your map.

Download the app:
Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=en_US&id=org.litterati.and...)
Apple (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/litterati-cleaning-the-earth/id982782776)

Litterati is an app that is empowering individuals to make a significant, measurable impact on the environment.

Far more than just picking up litter, the worldwide community of Litterati users are building the most powerful crowd-sourced set of data on litter ever assembled.

This data is being used to:

* Help cities better utilize their waste management services
* Convince companies to change their operations to be more sustainable
* Arm individuals and organizations with proof to create government policy changes

Litterati also shows you the map of your personal positive impact on the environment

You can join global cleanup challenges as well as create challenges in your community where your friends, family, neighbors, school system, or co-workers can join together to make your area healthy, clean, & beautiful.

This planet that we call home is a big place to keep clean. We all need to play our part.

Here is how the Litterati app works:

* Take a photo of each piece of litter that you collect and dispose of
* Litterati will automatically geo-tag the photo for you
* Our LitterAI tool will add tags to each litter photo for you to confirm or change
* Upload the photos to the Litterati database
* Track your personal impact as well as the total impact of the Litterati community

Join the global Litterati community today to be a part of over 150,000 people in over 116 countries around the world in the combined effort to clean up our planet!

We believe in the power of one.
We have seen how a single person has inspired a community, influenced an industry, and changed government policies. We know one is always just the beginning. When millions of people come together for a common goal, the impossible becomes reality, and lasting change happens.

We believe in transparency.
Capturing litter through geo-tagged photos makes the problem measurable. What was previously impossible to track now has visibility and patterns begin to emerge amongst what lies on our streets, playgrounds, and beaches. The more clear the data on the problem becomes, the more we’re able to create effective solutions.

We believe in the significance of data.
Litterati is an independent company that works with individuals, data scientists, corporations, and researchers. We are building an ecosystem to create a litter-free world. It’s all built on the foundation of the data captured by the growing Litterati community. The larger the ecosystem, the greater the impact.

We believe in the power of community.
Everyone gets a seat at the table. We’re not into blaming, shaming, or pointing fingers for why litter is such a large, complex, worldwide problem. We are into partnerships with committed individuals and corporations who are ready to put their time, resources, and effort into helping solve this problem. Join us.

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