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JOIN A COMMITTEE & ODD JOBS (Updated Regularly)

Your organization needs you!

Get some (or even all!) volunteer hours by helping make our organization the best it can be! In this post you will find out more information on joining a committee and other odd jobs the organization is in need of.

CURRENT ODD JOBS/OPENINGS (Last Updated: Aug 2022):
- We are looking for someone to handle publicity - for example sending photos of newly certified members to the printed press and information about meetings open to the public.
- Diversity and Recruitment Committee is looking for new members! (see more details below)
- A volunteer to add events to the TIF calendar
- A volunteer to help with putting together the bi-monthly opportunity emails

Joining a committee is a fantastic way to stay involved in the organization and help make us bigger and better! Do you have an idea of something you'd like to see the organization doing or participating in? Check-out the committee dedicated to the topic.

Attached is the last version of LMNGNO committees. If you see any errors or omissions or wish to join a committee, let Janell know.

Take it a step forward and consider chairing a committee and serving on LMNGNO Board.


- Board members automatically earn their full allotment of volunteer hours!
- Looks great on a CV or resume!
- You can implement ideas and feedback you have to help improve the organization!
- Develop leadership skills!
- Grow your network of environmental professionals!

Depending on the committee you serve on weekly/monthly service will vary.

Board meetings occur minimally 4 times per year, or at the call of the President, to manage the routine or emergency affairs of LMNGNO, providing there is business that needs attention.

The Board of Directors will have a maximum of 25 members, inclusive of the Executive Committee, consisting of three (3) staggered cohorts elected in successive years – cohorts have 8, 8, and 9 Board of Directors members. Expiration dates of individual Board of Directors terms are indicated by their names on the LMNGNO website. Each board member is elected to either a three (3) year term, or to fill a vacated term. There are no term limits for board positions, but the president and vice president are limited to two (2) consecutive terms.

The LMNGNO Diversity and Recruitment Committee is looking for new members!
The goal of the LMNGNO Diversity and Recruitment Committee is to fill our certification programs with people who reflect the diversity of Greater New Orleans in all its facets. We believe that nature is for everyone and that in fact, the natural world is best protected when there are naturalists in all corners of a community.

All certified members and people working toward certification are welcome to join our efforts. This work counts toward volunteer hours.

Committee members are asked to make a six-month commitment (September-February), renewable as many times as you like.
We meet once per month for a maximum of one hour at a time convenient to the group.
All members are asked to do at least one tabling event per term, with an emphasis on communities that are underrepresented in the LMNGNO. Other initiatives for this term will include producing a promotional video, presenting to various community groups, and working on pipeline programs with other natural-history focused organizations. We also want to hear your ideas!

If you are interested or have questions, please email Janna Wisniewski (committee chair) at jannawis@gmail.com.

No shifts have been set up for this event yet.

Contact the event organizers: Janell Simpson