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Communication Committee Contributions

Communication Committee Contributions

We are always looking for contributions to the organization's various communications and platforms. Contact Tanee Janusz - tsjanusz78@gmail.com for more information.
NEEDED: One to two people willing to dedicate a few hours each general meeting to edit and coordinate the newsletter and its contents. They will be awarded one hour for every hour worked. Written contributions - 1 volunteer hour per page of unedited text. Includes reflections, blog posts, and newsletter articles. Photo contributions - 1 volunteer hour per 5 photos submitted.

Media contributions - 1 volunteer hour per hour of labor (incl. research, planning, and execution). This criteria refers to alternate forms of media: visual art, sketches, paintings, videography, recorded lectures & webinars, data visualization, etc. Anything that can be shared on social sites.

Online content- 1 volunteer hour per 3 social media posts.
Editorial Work - 1 volunteer hour per hour of labor.

No shifts have been set up for this event yet.

Contact the event organizers: Tanee Janusz