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Paddle Outing into Manchac Wetlands

Sunday, February 17 2019

With spring, only weeks away, early February is an opportunity to experience Manchac in its winter setting. The winter Manchac wetlands “look” is entirely different than other greener seasons. In the forested areas, the bald cypresses are bare of their needles but heavily draped with Spanish moss. Also without foliage are the maples, ashes and swamp tupelos that make up the higher ground forest. The marsh plants have partially or completely collapsed. In the waterways, the assorted invasive floating plants have been reduced leaving seasonal sloughs and old air boat trails open for exploration. As a result, paddlers can peer deep into the wetlands shorn of needles or leaves or across the marshes out towards islands of cypress. With most marsh plants flattened on the ground, our paddlers may well get out and stroll about where normally waist high marsh grass would be growing.

The leader will be Tom Kane, a master naturalist, who has paddled more often and into more remote waterways of Manchac than any other modern paddler. His route will be determined by water level in the various waterways. Possibly he will link together a natural bayou, an historic lumber canal, a cypress lined lake, seasonal sloughs and old airboat trails.

The plan of the day is to meet at the launch site north of Laplace at 10:00 am with takeout time about 2:30 to 3 pm. Everyone is to bring lunch and drink to be enjoyed in the canoes as paddler survey their surroundings. The trip fee for the guide service, the use of canoes and paddling accessories is $30 per paddler whether a naturalist or his/her guest. By going to www.canoeandtrail.com/naturalist, one can sign up and pay on line. Once signed up, more information including driving directions will then be provided. Master Naturalists will receive educational credit for participating in the exploration.

Participants need to sign up by Thursday evening at the latest. The status of the outing will be determined Friday morning.

The swamp is only bare for about two months of the year – to paddle in February is an opportunity to view the wetlands as they seldom are.

Byron@canoeandtrail.com www.canoeandtrail.com/naturalist

10:00am - 3:00pm

Contact the event organizer, Erin Richardson