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Grounds Work Party!

Saturday, June 03 2023

Let's get this school looking beautiful and ready for the summer! Come and join us for a chance to help clean up and beautify some of our campus spaces, get some fun volunteers hours, and connect with other families!
Feel free to join us for some or part of the time.
You will see below that the hours for each job are set for the full duration of the work party. Please feel free to move between jobs as you see fit and track your hours in the system accordingly. You do not have to just do one task the entire time.
Don't forget to bring your water bottle and any snacks you might need (and any you would like to share)!

10:00am - 1:00pm
Weeding Worker!
Bring gloves that fit comfortably if you have them!
1 / 4
Pruning People!
If you have loppers or hedge trimmers, bring them with!
0 / 4
Ivy off the Fence Friends!
If you have loppers, trimmers and gloves that fit comfortably, bring them with you!
0 / 4
Various Volunteers!
There will be other things or you can jump into whatever job suits your fancy!
Totem Pole “take-down-to-go-for-restoration” Team
Bring strength and gloves for rope safety
Raking Leaves and Mulch Masses
Bring gloves that fit comfortably and rakes if you have them!
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Contact the event organizers: Bethany Dilla