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Grounds Work Party

Saturday, April 15 2023

Come and join us for a chance to help clean up and beautify some of our campus spaces, get some fun volunteers hours, and connect with other families! Feel free to join us for some or part of the time. You will see below that the hours for each job are set for the full duration of the work party. Please feel free to move between jobs as you see fit and track your hours in the system accordingly. You do not have to just do one task the entire time.
Don't forget to bring your water bottle and any snacks you might need (and any you would like to share)!

10:00am - 2:00am
Collect sticks to bin
Eagle eyes! Find all the sticks you can find on the grounds!
0 / 2
Cut back the ivy along the fence line
Bring loppers and gloves if you have them but we have some if you don't!
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10:00am - 2:00pm
Weeding Crew
If possible please bring your favorite weeding implements and gloves. We have some available probably not enough for everyone. We will be weeding: -All beds in front of the school buildings -Throughout the upper el playground
6 / 12
Hospitality & Good Cheer Squad
Not everyone has to get dirty! Help keep crew morale high by bringing a snack or beverage to share, play DJ for a few hours, and help spread good cheer. You can also help keep an eye on the building to watch who is going in and out to use the restroom. Let's get this party started! (non-alcoholic drinks only & please use your best judgement for appropriate music)
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Cut Suckers and Prune Bushes and Trees
Bring loppers and gloves if you have them but we have some if you don't!
2 / 2
Shovel Mulch
Help shovel that mulch back under the swingset!
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General Helpers

Contact the event organizers: Bethany Dilla