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Grounds Work Party

Saturday, April 30 2022

Spring has sprung and there are a lot of areas around the school and projects that need attention. This is a prime opportunity to log some volunteer hours, meet new members of the community, see your impact and help beautify the school grounds, work with your hands and get dirty, and to HAVE FUN! Crews will be working on weeding and cleaning up beds, relocating three garden beds, edging the parking strips, cutting the grass from under the Lower El fenceline, and helping to haul loads of yard waste away. We are also looking for people to bring snacks and beverages as well as serve as good cheer ambassadors and hospitality managers! If one of these tasks resonates with you, signups are available on Track It Forward. However if you just feel like coming out and working, that is great too and we would love to have you! If you have questions please contact Jesse (jesse.cloninger@ridgeline.org), thanks.

10:00am - 2:00pm
Weeding Crew
(Bring your own tools and gloves if you can. We have some but not for sure enough for everyone) 1. Weeding all of the beds in the front of the school and the NE (along Amazon) bed. 2. Weed the beds between the buildings. 3. Dump out the pots in front of Building A and relocate to the North Shed
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Garden Bed Crew
(Bring your own shovel and gloves if you can. We do have a number of shovels and wheelbarrows.) 1. Unlodging and moving the three remaining garden beds from upper el to by the North shed. If the beds stay intact, moving the soil into the bed in it's new place so it can be used. Also, reserving some cardboard from the week for the bottom of the bed to try to kill the grass under the bed in a biodegradable way. 2. Rake the mulch so that it covers where the beds used to be.
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Fence Line Crew
(Bring gloves if you can. If you have a tool that might be good for this task, bring it and we will find out what works!) 1. Cut the grass cut down somehow so it is flush to the ground under the lower el fence? Not sure what tool to best attack this...maybe an old serrated kitchen knife or really strong garden shears. Maybe a trenching or flat shovels from both sides...!?
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Snacks/Good Cheer/Hospitality Crew
Bringers of snacks and drinks, spreaders of good cheer, monitors of the hospitality area! Watchers of the building door for bathroom use. Not everyone has to get dirty, come bring snacks and drinks and keep the fun vibes flowing! Maybe bring some music!? Let's get this party started! (non-alcoholic drinks only please and let's use our best judgement for fun and appropriate music)
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12:00pm - 2:00pm
Loaders & Hauling Away Crew
We need people with trucks or trailers to help in the middle and toward the end of the day to haul loads away. I have heard that our yard waste bins fill up very quickly and usually beyond what we can accommodate. If you can, bring tarps and tie downs.
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Contact the event organizer, Bethany Dilla