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Playground Updates

Saturday, November 03 2018

To Meet VDSS Standards, we will be widening the perimeter of both play sets and add mulch to both areas.

- Six or eight parents from GACM (no children please)

Please bring any of the following: (LABEL YOUR TOOLS!)
- Pick Ax (dig trenches for border/lumber)
- Shovels (dig trenches for border/lumber)
- Shovels (to move mulch)
- Rakes ( to move mulch)
- Sledge hammer( drive rebars into lumber)
- Drills with ½ bits ( need holes in 6x6 lumber for rebars)
- extension cords
- gloves
- eye protection (if drilling)

- coffee, water, snacks
- Camaraderie with UUCC member workforce ( the old folks that need you

9:00am - 12:00pm
Help lay mulch and extend perimeter of pay area
4 / 6

Contact the event organizer, hello@gacmontessori.org