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PC DINNER Dutch Oven

Tuesday, May 21 2019

Lets end the year with some great food for our amazing teachers and staff. This will be a potluck style dinner, so please bring all food cooked and ready to be served. Make sure to leave all food in the teachers lounge by 4:00pm on the night that you have signed up for. Please label all of your items and we will have them cleaned and placed back in the lounge by the end of the night. Please don't forget to get your dishes. The teachers absolute love this night and it's all because of you amazing parents.

4:00pm - 6:00pm
Green Salad
salad with all the toppings and a dressing.
2 / 4
fruit salad
any fruit salad
3 / 3
Dinner rolls
1 dozen
4 / 4
Brownies, Cookies ect.
5 / 5

Contact the event organizer, Wright