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Montessori and Me - Montessori Through Infancy

Saturday, October 06 2018

OCTOBER TOPIC: Montessori Through Infancy

CMS Nido Guide, Ms. Jeanette, and Casita Guide, Ms. Norma are hosting monthly parent education sessions and hands-on tutorials for parents (or expecting parents) of little ones. Learn about the Montessori Method and the child’s Absorbent Mind through their first few years of life, and how to create your own materials to bring Montessori home with you.

Conversation at this first session will focus on the first 5 months of infancy. Jeanette and Norma will educate us on what we can do to at home to be prepared and how important those first few months are for a new baby. We will create a hands-on project while having open discussion and Q&A.

Cost is $25 per person (to be billed to your FACTS account). Space is limited and RSVP is required. Childcare is not available. This class will be held in the Nido classroom.

10:00am - 12:00pm
2 / 15

Contact the event organizers: Stephanie Sayre