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Garden Volunteer - Serramonte Therapeutic Day School

Sunday, June 24 2018

The Serramonte Therapeutic Day School is looking for community garden volunteers to upkeep their garden! Master Composters - this means you!

Date: June 24th, Sunday
Time: Anytime during 9AM-1PM (drop ins welcome!)
Address: 840 Campus Drive in Daly City, right next to the Serramonte High School site at 699 Serramonte Blvd.
Contact on site: Lawrence Selbach; Email: LSelbach@smcgov.org

Volunteer role: Community Gardening! This means watering, weeding, planting, pruning to keep the garden beautiful. Gardening materials will be provided.

About the garden: https://www.smchealth.org/article/therapeutic-day-school-garden-flourishes
The garden at Serramonte Therapeutic Day School (TDS), a collaboration between Jefferson Union High School District and San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, was started over sixteen years ago by Phil Montalban, who worked in the GED program. Over the years, students, staff and community members have helped expand the garden to a space larger than the size of a football field. Students in our TDS program visit daily, hanging out, planting, sowing seeds, feeding the chickens, visiting the cats or just wandering around to see, smell and touch the plants and flowers. The space provides the opportunity for students to learn about the physical aspects of gardening, but to also experience the subtle yet deep metaphors of psychological and emotional growth and healing that nature provides.

Over the years, the garden has grown into an area larger than a football field. It’s blessed with frequent foggy mornings, sunlight breaking through in the afternoons. In addition to the flowers and vegetables, the garden has many native plants and trees, needing little to no water even during the dry months. The garden is also home to chickens (raised from day-old chicks in our program), two very sweet cats, about eight bee-hives and an abundance of bugs and birds that thrive in our oasis in Daly City.

Sign up below and Sustainability Academy Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Nunez will give you more details.

9:00am - 1:00pm
Garden Volunteer
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Contact the event organizer, Jacqueline Nunez