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Land Steward Day

Wednesday, October 21 2020

Assist Land Steward Manager Rebekah with the project of the day. This typically includes removing invasive species, repairing tree tubes, using hand tools and shovels. This work is considered rugged. Volunteers should expect to work in tall grass, shrubs, or in wooded areas and on uneven terrain. Volunteers should be in good physical health and willing to lug and haul. You will learn as you work and make a lasting impact on habitat protection and water quality.

Project: Remove large shrubs and small trees in preparation for scheduled meadow mowing.

FOX HILL PRESERVE: 40.696011, -74.755957
Located in Tewksbury off of Fox Hill Road south of Palantine Road. This is a very rural area with winding country roads. Please look for the green and white preserve sign and gravel parking area with wood kiosk. If you are traveling north on Fox Hill Road from Homestead Road, the preserve will be on the right side. If you are traveling south on Fox Hill Road the preserve will be on the left side.

9:00am - 12:30pm
Land Steward
Work to maintain, repair and protect native habitat.
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Contact the event organizers: Debbie Newcomb