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Track Pro Bono Hours & More for Law Students

Track it Forward is a simple and efficient time tracking software program that law schools can use to track pro bono hours, internships, field placements and more! Track progress toward hours requirements, assign timesheet approvers, and download instant reports.
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What is Track it Forward?

An easy-to-use software designed for time tracking any time, any place. Affordable, customizable, and just what you’ve been looking for.
  • Focused on tracking hours accurately
  • Easily folds into existing processes
  • Students log hours and administrators can pull reports
  • Simple for students, professors, and administrators to use
  • 5 different options for logging hours

How Track it Forward Can Help You

Track it Forward will help measure the success of your law school pro bono and internship programs.

01. Students Log Their Own Hours

Students will log their own volunteer hours instead of having an administrator do it. This can be done through our mobile app, self check-in kiosk, event sign-in sheet, or embeddable widgets on your website, whichever works best for your college.

02. Students Monitor Their Own Progress

Many law schools have minimum requirements for pro bono or internship hours. Track it Forward allows students to track their progress toward custom requirements in real-time.

03. View Tailored Reports

After students log their time, administrators can pull custom reports. Download reports on the number of hours completed, how many students are tracking hours, or even across separate classes and internships. Simply choose the filters for which information you’d like to see in a report, and it instantly downloads.

04. Organize Events and Get RSVPs

Use the calendar to plan out cohort events and pro bono opportunities. Students can RSVP and receive automatic event reminders. Hours can even be automatically logged using digital sign-in sheets.

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Our Features

Event Sign In Sheet

You can enable an event sign-in sheet for students to automatically track time at an event or meeting, instead of logging hours later.


Set up milestones to track hours by category across different classes, projects, or internships.

Check In Kiosk

Students can check in and out for a shift onsite, similar to clocking in on a timesheet. Hours will automatically be logged afterward.

Conditional Logic

Conditionally display additional fields or questions on the hours log based on different categories. Categories can include student type, class, internship assignment, and more.

Advanced Verification

Use advanced verifications to collect additional data with hour logs, including GPS, photos, and signatures.

Hour Approval

When students log hours, you can opt to send them into an approval queue for administrators to review and approve before fully submitted.

Over 6 Million Volunteer Hours Submitted

“We’ve expanded to using Track it Forward to track hours in our field placement program, where students are placed in various [law] offices, Courts, and government agencies." Kelly McTear, Professor & Director of Public Interest Program, Faulkner Law

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