How it Works

Volunteers Track Hours.  Organizers Creates Reports.

  1. Volunteers track their own time via our website, their mobile phone, a kiosk, or a widget on your website.
  2. Volunteers see their progress on their timesheet and charts and can see if they've reached their milestones
  3. Organizers approve hours 
  4. Organizers see reports of progress 

Check out some of our demo videos to see Track it Forward in action:

Getting Volunteers on Track it Forward

Volunteers log hours on Track it Forward in 4 ways: 1) Self-registering on your volunteer log 2) Self-registering in a widget 3) Being invited by the organizer 4) Being imported by the organizer

Learn to Configure & Extend the Volunteer Log

Learn how to adjust the fields and create new fields on the volunteer to create the perfect log that works for your organization.

Hour Log and Graph Widgets

Have all your volunteers register, track hours, and see their progress directly on your website with our widgets.

Collect Volunteer Information with Profile Fields

Collect whatever information you need about a volunteer with profile fields

Use Managed Volunteers for Volunteers without an e-mail

If a volunteer doesn't have an email address or you are tracking their hours for them, use managed volunteers to keep track of their hours.