How it Works

Track it Forward is a tool for organizations to track volunteer efforts. Here's how it works.

  1. Set up a project site for tracking hours. You can customize activities, import individuals, and even a spreadsheet.
  2. Invite volunteers - by email, embedding a form into your website, or just sending out a link to Track it Forward.
  3. Volunteers track their own time - on the web  or on their mobile phones.
  4. Review and display volunteer time entries. Track it Forward immediately shows each entry, giving volunteers an instant sense of accomplishmen.
  5. Create Reports, measure milestones,  and reward volunteers. Whether you need to justify a grant or make sure parents are contributing to your school, Track it Forward provides the metrics you need.

Check out some of our demo videos to see Track it Forward in action:

Volunteers Can Log Their Own Hours

Volunteers can log their own hours and easily track their time.  See how your volunteer hours get automatically displayed on a graph, and see the overall volunteer activity for the entire site.

Add Time Tracking To Your Own Website

Do you want to log your volunteer hours without needing to go to the Track it Forward website?  No problem - you can easily get the Track it Forward volunteer hour log form embedded on your own website.

Track Hours from your Mobile Phone

With our new update, we've made it even easier to log hours using your mobile device. See this demo to see how quickly you can do it.

Coordinate and Manage Volunteers

Once you've created your project site, you can allow individual volunteers to track their own hours - or log time for groups that come out to help.

Configure & Require Profile Fields

You can configure as many profile fields as you want on Track it Forward so volunteers have to input them before logging hours.  You can add new required volunteer hours and existing volunteers will have to fill them out before continuing.

Approve Individual Volunteer Hours

Sometimes as a volunteer manager you want to track hours individually. On Track it Forward, when your volunteers track hours, they must now be individually approved before they are added to the overall side graphs and logs.