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Let volunteers track their own hours in the way that makes sense to them. They're busy. You're busy. Let's streamline it.

Tracking Hours Is More Important Than You Think

  • Instant Reports
    Find out how much volunteers are doing at any time.
  • Qualifies for Grants
    Proof of Community Engagemenet to Get Those Grants.
  • Retains Volunteers
    Reward and recognize volunteers for the amazing work they’ve done.
  • Increases Accountability
    Let volunteers know how much they should be volunteering.
  • Complies with 990 Reporting
    Use exact numbers instead of estimates of volunteer time on government forms.
  • Empowers Volunteers
    Give a platform to your super volunteers by letting them get instantly recognized for their extra hours.

Some of the Organizations Using Track it Forward...

Why These Organizers Track Volunteer Hours

Managing a large volume of volunteers across different departments, events, and activities can seem daunting. This organization does it right.
Charter School
"I am not a computer guru. Computers are not my gift, but I can do it! I don't have to eat, sleep, breath volunteer hours. I can go do other things. You are money well spent." - ­Nancy Kistler
Civil Organization
Learn about the methods of volunteer management from a local police department that uses Milestones to motivate and reward volunteers.

Priced Right for Grassroots & Nonprofits

less than 25 volunteers
up to 1,000 volunteers
Starting at $15 / month
Large Nonprofits & Corporations
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We Help With Much More Than Just Hours

Website Integration

Embed time tracking & volunteer registration all on your own website.

Event Sign-Ups

Schedule Events & Allow Volunteers to Sign-Up and Track Hours for them.

Valuable Reports

See progress with our instant graphs, or customize and export detailed reports.

Simply Mobile

Volunteers can log hours on the go with our mobile app on Android or iPhone.
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