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Northeast Park, Charlottesville, Invasive Control

Monday, January 18 2021

This lovely little park is a new addition to the CATS Projects list. The trees in the park are mostly mature and have english ivy and bittersweet and other such invasive vines. For many of the trees the vines are affecting the canopy. We will be "cutting" these vines around the trees to allow them to die above. Bring hand pruners, loppers, and saws. There is a lot of poison ivy, so be sure to wear gloves and be prepared to take the necessary precautions during and after the event. The park address is: 1001 Sheridan Avenue. The safer place to park is along St. Charles Avenue between Calhoun and Watson. A GPS Address is 930 St. Charles Avenue. The Nature Conservancy is having a small group start the invasive vine pull on Jan. 15. We can be socially distanced but be sure to wear a mask. Bring something to drink. We will provide appropriately packaged snacks.

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Contact the event organizer, Kay Flanagan