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Monticello Gateway CATS Legacy Project - Final Replant

Saturday, December 01 2018

Monticello Gateway CATS Legacy Project Final Replant
This Project is one of CATS most highly noticed and commented on Planting! Let's keep it looking great!

What: Plant 9 bare-root trees to replace dead and run-over trees

When: Saturday December 1 10:30-1pm

Where: Park in lot in front of Moose's Restaurant.

Bring: Gloves, shovels, hard rakes, hand forks, water

Be sure to put on safety vest available at parking lot before coming on to Median.
Holes will have been dug by our own Allen Ingling. Work will include widening hole if tree requires, replacing dirt from nearby tarp, incorporating compost into top soil, watering from nearby water tank, mulching from nearby mulch piles.

Contact: Dorothy Smith dotcostume@gmail.com 295-1576

10:30am - 1:00pm

Contact the event organizer, Dorothy Smith
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