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United Way Day of Caring

Wednesday, September 26 2018

English Ivy Removal at Greenleaf Park, 9 a.m. to noon

Project: Each year, the United Way assembles volunteers from local Charlottesville businesses to help with all kinds of projects. CATS will have 30-40 volunteers working at the south end of Greenleaf Park, accessed from the trailhead at Sherwood Road, removing English ivy from the park trees. All removal techniques will be demonstrated along with safety procedures.

We need experienced tree stewards to lead small groups of volunteers as well as class members and other current tree stewards to complement the United Way volunteers. This is a part of Greenleaf Park that hasn’t been worked on for a while. Wear long pants and boots or sturdy shoes and bring gloves, hat and water. Bring your pruning tools and any extras that you may have in case we run short. Coordinator: Tim Maywalt - 703-399-1962 (temaywalt@gmail.com)

9:00am - 12:00pm

Contact the event organizer, Penny Kaiserlian