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Altadena Elementary Produce

Wednesday, January 27 2021

Pass out produce to families at:
Altadena Elementary School
743 E Calaveras St, Altadena, CA 91001

Distribute produce from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank alongside regular curbside meal pick-up sites. Meals and produce will be distributed solely for pick-up and are not consumed on site.

**All volunteers help with the understanding that they do so at their own risk. Anytime a person leaves their home, they increase their chance of exposure to COVID-19.**

Volunteer Restrictions:

- Only those who have not traveled and have no direct family/housemates who have traveled either internationally or domestically should volunteer.
- Those with compromised immune systems – regardless of age – MAY NOT VOLUNTEER.

Details & Instructions:

- Arrive at 8:30 AM.
- Park in the school parking lot or on neighboring streets adhering to all parking signs.
- Report to the pop-up tent area. This varies per school site. You many need to drive around the school once to find it.
- PUSD staff will be at the pop-up tent area.
- Volunteers will bag and pass out produce to families who drive or walk up to the pick up area.
- Know meals are served to anyone who needs them – without restriction.
- All volunteers are required to wear face coverings. Please wear your own double-layered face covering, such as a bandana, scarf, or mask.
- Sterile serving gloves and aprons will be provided.
- Dress appropriately for outside weather. Sneakers and hats/caps are suggested.
- Discretion and the privacy of those receiving meals must be respected at all times.

**Given safety protocols, we are asking for a specific number of volunteers. If you cannot make your shift, please let us know right away. Never volunteer if you are not feeling well. Cancel your shift.**

Any questions or concerns, contact NC Inguanzo, PEF Community Engagement Manager @ ncinguanzo@pasedfoundation.org

8:30am - 12:00pm
Passing out produce
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Contact the event organizer, NC Inguanzo