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8 Bingo Day Requirement

Saturday, April 22 2023

Note: Bingo is held on Saturdays with guests arriving at 3:00 PM and the session ending generally around 9:30 PM. The volunteer bingo session hours are from 2:30 PM to 10 PM. (7.5 hour shift) Bingo is an entertainment event and while we try our best to keep to the posted schedule there may be times that the session may run a little bit longer. There will be multiple occasions where the event will end before 10 PM. Volunteers are expected to work the entire shift. For the 2022 - 2023 school year the bingo calendar runs from April 1st 2022 to March 31, 2023. We run 48 bingo sessions during this calendar year and have 4 "dark weeks". For the 2022 - 2023 school year the days bingo will be closed are: April 16th (Easter) September 3rd (Labor Day) November 26th (Thanksgiving) and December 24th (Christmas). This year our regular bingo session falls on Saturday December 31st (New Years Eve). The New Years Eve Session will be a matinee session. On this date we will open the doors at 11:00 AM and begin playing at 1:00 PM. We are planning on having the session completed by 7:00 PM so we can all celebrate the New Year with our families.

The St John Bosco High School Bingo Program is one of the best way that you can volunteer and help us keep educational cost down!

1. You will receive a reminder from Track it Forward with your volunteering date and/or posting.
2. Attire: Bosco shirt preferred; but not required. Please wear comfortable & appropriate footwear due to lots of standing/walking.
3. Please provide your own PPE (i.e. face masks and/or gloves); and be sure to observe the mandated social distancing recommendation.
4. We will do our best to assign you to the posting you sign-up for; however, you may be asked to do another posting if needed.
5. If you sign-up an additional adult (18 years of age & up) family/friend member; please them up the way you would sign-up for yourself; however, in the message area, please indicate their name before submitting the RSVP;
6. If you sign-up for a posting and do not show-up and did not submit a cancellation (minimum of a 3-day notice); then you will be subject to a "no show" fee; please refer to "cancellation notice" (listed under "Notifications"). This would also apply if you signed-up an additional volunteer; so please sign-up additional volunteer(s) responsibly.
7. Please log-in your hours on the Track it Forward App upon the completion of your shift or within a couple of days of your volunteering date. Please note: We cannot log the hours in for you; this is your responsibility; so please log-in hours accordingly & in a timely manner.

Check-In information: All Volunteers will Check-In in the MPR Bingo Office at their appointed time.
Check-Out information: Volunteers will Check-Out either in the MPR Bingo Office at the end of their shift.
Please contact the Bingo Manager, Steve Waller, if you should have any questions regarding these volunteering opportunities; inquiries should be directed to Mr. Waller at: swaller@bosco.org; or by phone/text at: (760-797-5458)
Please be courteous & energetic to provide the best bingo experience for our Bingo Players!

1:00pm - 8:00pm
Bingo Clerk
The bingo clerk will have multiple duties which include, cleaning tables, applying seat numbers, bundling safari tabs, collating small strips and regular strips and making the basic small and big packs. There may be times that you are required to sell bingo products at the beginning of the session. Attention to detail is key for completing these tasks.
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2:30pm - 10:00pm
Bingo Floor Runners
Bingo volunteers are the key volunteers in helping control the cost of your sons education! St John Bosco Bingo is very successful in raising funds for tuition assistance. Volunteering is key to keep these funds flowing. There are many duties that must be completed each and every bingo session. One day you may be assigned to count and bundle safari tickets. We generally sell over 30,000 tickets each session so keeping this pipeline open and flowing is key. Other sessions you may be assigned to sell the safari tickets. Here you will be continuously walking the bingo hall and selling to the players. Math skills, money handling skills are key in being successful. Other products we sell are the bingo special games. Again this involves walking and talking to our guest. We have also recently opened a limited menu snack bar. Again this may be a duty that you might be assigned to complete. Our offerings are pretty much snacks and drinks as a courtesy to our guest at a very low margin. Bingo is hard work and and these snacks and drinks are available to the volunteers free of charge. Please do not be offended if you are asked to wipe down tables or throw out the trash at the end of session. Remember besides the bingo hall the MPR is also your sons cafeteria. To be profitable and successful the bingo department needs to have volunteers during the bingo session, We will do our best to assign you the duties that you are both comfortable and able to complete...these duties and assignments will be available during the bingo session only.
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Contact the event organizers: Waller Steve EMPLOYEE