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2019-2020 OLL PA - Volunteer Reporting Information (PLEASE READ)

Please use this form to record all volunteer hours for the 2019-20 school year. You have taken the "Active Parent Tuition Discount" which requires each family to complete at least 20 fundraising hours and 10 support hours. All hours must be recorded by June 15th. Hours not completed and recorded on time will be subjected to the $100 per hour fee as noted in the tuition contracts. This charge will be billed directly to your online FACTS account with the school. THERE ARE NO EXEMPT POSITIONS! Regardless of your POSITION/JOB All families are responsible for tracking and recording their own hours. If hours are not reflected properly in your log it they will be not be accepted. If I have questions about your hours logged I will reach out to you by email for clarification and if needed changes to the logged Hours submitted.

Most volunteer opportunities do require Called to Protect Clearance. If you are not cleared at time of volunteering you will not be allowed to volunteer.

Please write down your USERNAME and PASSWORD for safe keeping when logging into this site. This site can be accessed from the OLL Webpage under Parent access, Volunteer Hours tab on a computer or the free TRACK IT FORWARD APP available for iPhone and android device.

Any questions regarding volunteer opportunities or questions regarding this site or reporting hours please Contact the Volunteer Chair, Michele Hanna at 503-277-9297 or michele.hanna@yahoo.com

*By logging hours on this site you are acknowledging that you have taken the "Active Parent Volunteer Tuition Discount" which requires the above Volunteer hours. You also Acknowledge you are aware of penalties for Active Families that do not complete the required hours. Most Volunteer opportunities do require Called to Protect Clearance. If you are not cleared at time of volunteering you will not be aloud to volunteer. If your situation has changed and you are unable to volunteer please call Mr. Locke to switch to In-Active status(Full Tuition required). After switching to in-active please also email the Volunteer Chair.

650 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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