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Efficient Time Tracking For School Volunteers

A simple volunteer time tracking software program that works perfectly for schools to track student volunteer hours, parent engagement or commitment hours, or even school club participation. Get reports and data instantly to analyze and gain more insight on your institution.
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What is Track It Forward?

An easy-functioning software working with your school for tracking student or parent volunteer hours and data to pull instant reports and analyze school success.
  • Focused on tracking hours accurately
  • Easy to use with existing functions
  • Students or parents log hours, you pull reports
  • Simple for administrators and families to use
  • 5 different options for logging hours

Why is it important to track student or parent volunteer hours?

How Track it Forward Can Help You

Track It Forward will help demonstrate how student volunteerism and parent involvement are successful.

01. Volunteers Log Their Own Hours

Students or parents - however your school decides to use it, will log their volunteer time themselves, instead of having an administrator do it! This can be done through our mobile app, a self-check-in kiosk, an event sign-in sheet, or embeddable widgets on your website, whatever works best for your school!

02. Students Monitor Their Own Progress

Many schools have students that need to reach a volunteer hour requirement in order to graduate. Track It Forward allows students to track their progress towards this requirement in real-time.

03. View Reports Tailored To Your Needs

After students and parents are logging their time, reports can be pulled by an administrator who might want to see them! Download reports on how many parents have volunteered last month, how many hours they did, how many students are volunteering - or even separate the volunteerism into categories to see what type of volunteer activity everyone likes the best. Simply click what information you’d like to see in a report, and it instantly downloads.

04. Organize Events and Get RSVPs

Use a calendar to plan out events and volunteer opportunities. Plan out shifts and an optional max amount of volunteers. Then, volunteers RSVP, we send reminders, and hours are logged through a sign-in sheet or pre-filled hour log, you don’t have to do any communication, but students and parents are still reminded!

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Our Features

Track It Forward is more than a time tracker, we have optional features to advance your volunteer tracking system as a whole. Choose how detailed you want your volunteer tracking to be!

Event Sign In Sheet

Using an event calendar set-up, you can enable an event sign-in sheet for volunteers to automatically track time at the event, instead of logging later.


If your school has hour total requirements or goals, you can set this up for both admins and volunteers to see progress towards them.

Hour Approval

When volunteers log hours, you can opt to send them into an approval queue for administrators to authorize before fully submitted.

Advanced Verification

To help with approving hours submitted, hour logs can have additional data for volunteers to submit GPS, photos, and signatures

Check In Kiosk

Similar to an event sign-in sheet, but without the events! Use the check-in kiosk app for volunteers to use and automatically track their time.

Conditional Logic

Ask more questions than how many hours were volunteered, use conditional logic to get more data, but only from relevant students or parents!

Over 6 Million Volunteer Hours Submitted

It really fits our needs. It’s a great value. The students are enjoying the autonomy. I can’t say more wonderful things about Track it Forward. The stress and errors with the manual system are gone and no one has to spend countless hours tabulating community service hours written on countless pieces of paper anymore. Shirley, Parent Volunteer, Piedmont High School


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Pricing Plans

Pricing is based on number of volunteers and different features you might want to include. For more accurate pricing, contact support!

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