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Free National Honor Society Software Tool For NHS Volunteer Requirements

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 05/05/2021

One of the largest National Honor Society requirements is service hours, or volunteer hours. National Honor Society is a high school service club focusing on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 

One activity that embodies all of these values is volunteering. NHS volunteer hours are a requirement in order to fully be a member of the society, which is a great opportunity for high school students. 

Track It Forward is a volunteer time tracking software that recently has opened up to be used as an National Honor Society Volunteer Software - for free! 

If NHS volunteer requirements revolve around volunteer hours, why not use a volunteer time tracking software as an National Honor Society volunteer software tool? 

If you are still confused, let us help explain a bit more about Track It Forward and how NHS requirements and National Honor Society volunteer hours can be tracked in our software. 



Oftentimes, schools have paper forms and administrators can get behind or lose hour logs that students commit. In our case, once a student volunteers they can log the hours and the data stays safe in the database. If you want, admins can still log hours or the system can do it automatically, too! 

If schools or National Honor Societies want to see data on how many students are volunteering - it can be done in less than 3 minutes. And, students can see for themselves how many hours they have logged and how close they are to their requirement in their volunteer dashboard. 

You can use the event calendar to promote certain volunteer events, meetings, and important dates for your organization and volunteers can RSVP or admins can take attendance and log hours through the calendar!

How Track It Forward Works As National Honor Society Volunteer Software 

NHS hours are a crucial part of National Honor Society requirements, so it is important to take volunteer hour tracking very seriously. National honor society volunteer hours can be tracked within Track It Forward. Using a volunteer time tracking software for NHS volunteer hours is a benefit for both students and administrators in charge of NHS in the school! 

Students are able to log their volunteer hours and check on their NHS requirement status through their volunteer dashboard. Administrators will be able to spend less time calculating NHS volunteer hours for requirements, because the software will do it for them! 

In general this is how Track It Forward operates: 

  1. An administrator sets up their Track It Forward account to be used as NHS software. Here they can set up milestones, or NHS requirement totals.

  2. Students sign up and log hours. They can do this via an hour log (on their computer or mobile device), or through the event calendar. 

  3. Optional Step: Then, administrators can verify their attendance, or verify their hour logs before they count in the database. 

  4. Hour data will go into the database, but can always be changed, and can be added towards volunteer totals! 

  5. Volunteers check their NHS hour totals. 

  6. Admins run reports on NHS volunteer hour totals and which students are meeting their NHS requirements. 

So - what are you waiting for?! Sign up for Track It Forward for FREE as a National Honor Society!